When you want the right insurance policy for home sweet home, you don’t want to end up comparing apples to oranges.

Working with a licensed independent agent can help. Our agents take the time to understand your needs and make sure you’re not missing a key piece of protection for the home you have worked so hard for. 


​Whatever & wherever you call home, we can help you find the right combination of coverage and premium to best protect what you cherish most.


What is Additional Living Expense?

This coverage is under a homeowner's, condominium owner’s, or renter's insurance policy that covers the additional costs of living that are incurred by the policyholder should they be temporarily displaced from their place of residence.

Should I schedule my jewelry/guns/etc.?

Policyholders wishing to guard these and other specific higher value items should purchase additional coverage with a scheduled personal property policy. 

  • fine artwork 

  • antiques

  • jewels

  • furs

  • gold 

  • coins  

  • bars

  • Guns

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